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"Good show! I would say most Americans really don't appreciate the role that rocks play in so many aspects of our lives. This visually interesting and easy-to-understand program does a wonderful job of showing how essential to our civilization the rock record is. I think it will surprise many to see how we use and need rocks to make our world work."
— Spencer G. Lucas, Ph.D., New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
Steve in a Museum with a Dinosaur

"The program is a lively and stimulating examination of where the material of civilization comes from and it reminds us of the very fundamental way in which humans are tied to the rocky planet we live on. It is a highly polished production, with a fresh approach to a huge topic. I look forward to watching further episodes."
— Ann Lerner, Film Liaison, Albuquerque, NM

Hot Air Balloon "...an engaging, entertaining and educational glimpse into economic geology -the use and prevalence of extractive technologies to acquire the minerals for products we use every day. Beyond that, 21st Century Stone Age is a great promotional film about the beauty and resources found throughout Albuquerque and New Mexico! I enjoyed it more than any promotional tourist video I have ever seen. The pilot episode gave me a new appreciation for limestone, its origins and uses throughout society."
— Katy Hammel, Albuquerque Public Schools Teacher, Edward Gonzales Elementary School

"This program wonderfully explains the importance of rock, particularly limestone, to human civilization. It describes the engineering and construction processes involved in the creation and use of concrete. This program underscores not only limestone’s role in concrete, but the geology of limestone itself."

"The production and narration is top notch and very clear. I look forward to future episodes. New Mexico, and the rest of the country, has a strong need for innovative, educational resources such as this. Never a dull moment! What a learning experience packed into 27 short minutes!"
—John Rogers, Full-Time Geology Faculty, Central New Mexico Community College

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"New Mexico PBS is pleased to support the production of 21 ST CENTURY STONE AGE. As part of our mission to inform, engage, and connect New Mexico's diverse communities, New Mexico PBS strives to tell those stories unique to New Mexico."

"In partnership with 21 ST CENTURY STONE AGE, New Mexico PBS will provide guidance, both technical and aesthetic to make sure the series adheres to PBS broadcast and distribution standards. We have a long history working with independent producers to craft some of the finest documentaries and series in the medium."
—Joan Rebecchi, Director of Content, New Mexico PBS

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