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Our Documentary Series On Geology Is Perfect for Promoting Science

21st Century Stone Age series will be created for network television as well as an international audience. The pilot episode of 21st Century Stone Age was financed by the production company. Partner New Mexico PBS will provide in-kind contributions for regional broadcast, closed captioning and the upload of the series to the National PBS Affiliate Feed System for national distribution. Further funding was provided by donors for web site construction and professional grant writer services.

21st Century Stone Age informs, educates, and entertains. The series showcases and promotes the state of New Mexico, its geology, and its people. Ideal for television, internet, or classroom audiences, the series' educational component promotes science and science-based occupations. Science instructors are provided with educational guides and visual materials for classroom presentations. The internet web site provides additional detail, graphics, maps and links to relative source material as well as outtakes from the productions and fun-to-watch location bloopers by Steve. Further development of the website will allow users to interface and share images, etc. A future internet store front will allow users to purchase program-related items.

Funding Our Project

Our production company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and our documentary series on geology has both national and international appeal. We are currently seeking additional funding for continued production of the project from federal agencies, private foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals. Contact us anytime by email for more information, or contact our fiscal agent, New Mexico Community Foundation.


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