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Host and geologist Steve Maynard explores the intimate relationship between humans and their rock world.

A Journey of Adventure & Discovery

Since the beginning of human existence, we have been converting rocks into the tools and materials we need to live. Simple modifications have evolved into complex technologies. Today, virtually everything man-made comes from the rock of the earth. 21st Century Stone Age tells the fascinating story of human ingenuity and the rocks that we transform into civilization. Series host, geologist Steve Maynard, leads the viewer on a journey of adventure and discovery. 

21st Century Stone Age

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Outtakes From 21st Century Stone Age Series

"Rock hounds, amateur geologists and professionals, will love this series. Great adventure geology!"
—Steve Maynard, Host of 21st Century Stone Age Series

"Well done! Very informative, entertaining and educational. Public awareness of the need for and use of rocks and minerals in our modern society is extremely important. Productions such as the "21st Century Stone Age" will help. This should be in all of the schools."
— Douglas F. Irving, Mining and Geological Consultant, Chapman, Wood and Griswold, Inc.

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