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Host and geologist Steve Maynard explores the intimate relationship between humans and their rock world. 

A Journey of Adventure & Discovery

Since the beginning of human existence, we have been converting rocks into the tools and materials we need to live. Simple modifications have evolved into complex technologies. Today, virtually everything man-made comes from the rock of the earth. 21st Century Stone Age tells the fascinating story of human ingenuity and the rocks that we transform into civilization. Series host, geologist Steve Maynard, leads the viewer on a journey of adventure and discovery. 

21st Century Stone Age

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About Our Production Company

We are a multi-award winning full-service production company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Producer and director, Kirk Loy has been creating science based broadcast documentaries and documentary-style television programs for more than 25 years.

 The 21st Century Stone Age Mission

The project mission is to inform the viewer of the countless uses of rocks and their central importance to civilization from humanities earliest times to now.

Awards Our Pilot Has Received

  • Winner of Best Documentary in the 2016 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase
  • Winner of “Outstanding Excellence” for Television Pilot/Episode in the WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition 2016

Principal Crew and Associates

21st Century Stone Age Project will involve more than thirty professional television production contractors along with many associates, scholarly advisers and interns.

Outtakes From 21st Century Stone Age Series

21st Century Stone Age Is a Geology Travel, Adventure & Educational TV and Web series

21st Century Stone Age Project, when completed, will consist of three main components:

  • Thirteen half-hour episodes produced for national broadcast
  • An interactive evolving companion website
  • A comprehensive teaching guide

Pilot For: 21st Century Stone Age "Limestone, the Infrastructure of Civilization"

First aired on New Mexico PBS on April 14, 2016, our pilot episode is all about limestone—the world's most important rock in terms of construction. Limestone is unique in that it is a chemically reactive sedimentary rock. Today in New Mexico, limestone that formed on the sea floor 340 million years ago is found at mountain elevations 10,000 feet above sea level. Scenes include a flight atop one of the longest mountain tramways in the world.

Limestone Extraction

Building Civilizations

Even before the Egyptian pyramids, limestone was used in building civilizations. Now, limestone is mined and processed to make concrete, the most important material in the building of modern society. Join Steve as he tracks the technology and advanced methods of making concrete and cement back to its geologic origins.

21ST CENTURY STONE AGE 2017 from 21st Century Stone Age LLC on Vimeo.

Showcasing 21st Century Stone Age  in New Mexico

Adventure and discovery shape the story while showcasing the New Mexico landscape and its people. Alpine scenery, lush valleys, remote canyons, high plains, mesas, buttes and blasted deserts serve as backdrops in each episode.

The stories focus on the objects of daily life. Steve deconstructs these objects tracing their presence in our lives through their marketing, distribution, assembly, manufacture, refining and ultimately extraction. Through interviews in the field and seeking out the knowledge of experts, the program examines the relationship of society to these objects and their geologic origins.

We think of the Stone Age as the period of history in which primitive stone tools were the height of technology. Today all of our daily conveniences have an even deeper connection to our rock world; we live in the 21st Century Stone Age.

Future 21st Century Stone Age Episode Topics:

  • Copper
  • Dimension & Decorative Stone
  • Gypsum
  • Iron (Barbed Wire)
  • Glass
  • Turquoise
  • New Age Use Of Rocks
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mineral Collection
  • Fertilizer (Potash)
  • Bones & Teeth
  • Medicines & Cosmetics
  • High-Technology Rare Earth Elements
  • Rocks As Fuel (coal, oil, gas, uranium)
  • Landscape and Art Rock

"Rock hounds, amateur geologists and professionals, will love this series. Great adventure geology!"
—Steve Maynard, Host of 21st Century Stone Age Series

"Well done! Very informative, entertaining and educational. Public awareness of the need for and use of rocks and minerals in our modern society is extremely important. Productions such as the "21st Century Stone Age" will help. This should be in all of the schools."
— Douglas F. Irving, Mining and Geological Consultant, Chapman, Wood and Griswold, Inc.

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